Smart Water Monitor
pHin is a smart water monitor with an app that measures your pool, hot tub or spa’s temperature, sanitizer and pH levels over 1000x each week, analyzes the data and creates recommendations based on the water’s quality.
Water Quality at a Glance
Knowing your pool is healthy shouldn't require a chemistry degree, which is why the pHin App uses a color-changing disc to indicate your water quality
Monitor your pool or hot-tub from anywhere!
The pHin app automatically alerts you when you need to adjust your chemicals and lets you know exactly how much of which chemicals to use. Works with both Android and iOS.
As simple as MONITOR, NOTIFY, ADD!
pHin Types

#1 Floater pHin that goes directly in the pool or hot tub water.
#2 Inline pHin that gets installed into the hot-tub water pipes.
pHin mobile app
An action example for a bromine hot-tub

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