I own 100% of the visual design and animation in this project
pHin makes water care smart and easy for pool/hot-tub owners, but that's not all.
Another great feature pHin has is a portal that helps retailers track their customers' water quality and needs. This dashboard is designed for retailers or pool service providers to monitor and access each of their customer's data. I was responsible for designing a responsive dashboard which is clear and easy to use, while fitting a lot of information.

This is mockup of the list a retailer can see. The color coded circles symbolize the vessels. Around 95% of customers have only one vessel (either a pool or hut-tub) a small group own 2 or more pHins for two vessels. 

Clicking on one of the names in the list will take you to a dashboard showing all the information about pool/hot-tub and water quality with a 90-day history
To accommodate pool service men on their daily route, this portal is designed responsive for mobile too
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