The original pHin Logo was designed in 2015 by a design agency. It served its purpose for 3 years and we all liked how it looks like 'pH in a water-drop' . Drawback of this design was the common mispronunciation of the company's name. 
Instead of reading the logo as \ ˈfin \ sometimes it was misread as \ ˈpē-ˈāchˈ - in\. That was the main motivation for us to update the logo. Also for a fast-paced tech startup, we believed the grey in our logo is rather heavy and slightly old. All this said, we didn't want a major change in wordmark or concept of the droplet.
We tried to push the shape and colors of the water drop more into fresh, young and dynamic side.
This is the the new logo. Same word-mark with updated spacings and a fresh droplet. No more grey color and blue gradients representing shades of blue water in different depths.
Later in 2018 when pHin company was acquired by Hayward Industries Inc., we created a combined logo of pHin and Hayward.
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