Cafe Turko is a lovely mediterranean restaurant in Seattle. Their very popular food is available for dine-in, catering and also to order on the phone. Unfortunately their website is not either user friendly nor visually appealing. The restaurant's reviews on Google and Yelp shows customers are very happy with the food but very dissatisfied with the website. 
Length of Project:
2 weeks
The Challenge
Usability test
A website with improved IA and user friendly ordering experience.
UI/UX Designer
Current Website
The following screenshots show the current website. The information in the homepage don't have a consistent architecture. Some information (for example business hours or purchasing a gift card) are repeated multiple times without the correct hierarchy. Menu is placed in the global nav and to select every category you have no other choice than to click the drop down list. Menu is designed as a very long single column, while there was enough real estate for fitting two columns of food items for better visibility. Menu items do not have individual pictures, while there are 3 photos in each 
Heuristic Evaluation
Heuristic evaluation results

We started the user research with creating a survey. The purpose of this survey was to determine:
- What do people care the most to see in a restaurant website? So we can better plan for homepage.
- If people prefer to order food online rather than on phone? So we can talk to the business owner about their business plan and how they would benefit if they add "online ordering" to their system.
- While ordering food, specially exotic food, how much a menu with pictures of each item can help? So we can redesign the menu best.
- How often they use "filters" in the menu to see only a specific type of diet? So we could consider adding filters for diet types, like vegetarian or vegan food.

Here is a link to the survey: SURVEY
Survey Results
Survey results
Competitive Analysis
Competitive Analysis
Card Sorting
Card sorting results was no surprise
Site Map
AI and site map
Task Flow
We created a task flow for a "Adding food to card" and "checking out"

Mid Fi Prototype And Usability Test
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