A story for Children and their Parents
Story by Joseph Crisp
Illustrations by Anahita Salimi
Book Cover
"I did not look at the egg again for two years. Anyone who has ever had a baby in the house will understand why."
“Big bunny,” said Elizabeth, stretching the limits of her vocabulary.  Elizabeth’s vocabulary was exhausted by this time, so she simply held up three fingers, and then placed her hand on top of her head so the fingers jutted out from her forehead.
" Elizabeth was toddling around with the dinosaur right on her heels, following her like a puppy."
"Maybe it’s too dry,” she said. She fished the bacon strips from the skillet with a fork and poured the warm grease over Dino’s food."
"Melanie would use the colorful pins as poop markers, dropping them beside each pile"
"Mrs. Lizzard's eyebrows lowered in anger. "What? And how would you know?" Melanie shrunk into her seat. She hadn't meant to speak up like that. It just came out. "Because I... I just know" she said."
"As I pitched the tent under a canopy of pine trees, I watched Dino romping with the girls like a puppy dog. I had to admit that bringing him along had not been such a bad idea."
"I know lots of ways to get it out,” I said. “I could tie a string around your tooth and tie it to the bumper of the car...” Elizabeth folded her arms and glared at me.
"They rushed out the door in their pajamas and had almost made a snowman before Linda was able to get them back inside to dress them in warm clothes."
"A long leash was wrapped around the doctor’s wrist, and at the other end, wan and wobbly, stood Dino. An enormous white bandage was tied around his hindquarters."
“Dinosaur footprints?” said Elizabeth. “Dino would love it.”

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